D02: Aerial Ladder Lighting

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Primarily intended for the fire fighting industry, these versatile and flexible lights provide excellent safety and identification lighting for fire fighting ladder trucks. These lights provide firefighters with better visibility of ladder rungs at night. They are also appropriate for Marine applications: perimeter lighting for ships and uses around decks and docks. These lights provide a fantastic look while identifying edges in dark areas, defining walking areas, etc. Arborists and landscaping professionals use them to successfully light up trees and associated understory ground spaces. They provide striking looks on a variety of residential and commercial structures. These lights provide safety, functionality, and artistic accents for many years.

These strings of lights come in custom lengths up to 100 pods in length, measuring 14" per pod. Each pod body is solid and waterproof. The current draw is only .03A - .08A, depending on color. They come in your choice of white, blue, green, red, or amber LEDs and are easily installed using the included peel-&-stick 3M VHB tape. Individual light pods can be replaced by splicing in the new pod.

In automotive and other mobile applications, wire them directly into a switched 12V system. In fixed locations, wire them into an AC-to-DC converter power supply. Call if assistance is needed with your installation application.

Limited lifetime manufacturers warranty.  

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